Ready to Plan Your Next Adventure?!

Let’s get started! As a Racecation Expert, my expertise will help you customize your travel so you can cross a vacation and/or a race off your bucket list! Whether you are traveling solo, with friends or family or with a group, I am here to help you make make memories in all your adventure and beyond crossing those finish lines!

There are so many races out there. Choosing which races to do each season is half the fun of doing the actual races!  Once you’ve clicked that button and signed up for them, the real work begins. Daily runs, short runs, long runs, swim sessions and lots of bike training.

  • Is focusing on your training more important to you then making travel arrangements?
  • Are you anxious about planning the details of your Racecation travel?
  • Do you wish you could snap your fingers and have it all magically done for you?

Well, you can!  With me as your Racecation Travel Planning Expert, I’ll worry about the details of your vacation and you can focus on the training that will help you cross the finish line and add another medal to your BLING rack!

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